Alain Siebenmann

Alain Siebenmann

Alain Siebenmann, born on 21.08.1984 in Bern (CH).Trained as Biomedical Analyst HF on clinical chemistry, immunology, hematology, transfusion medicine and hemostasis. After the army I worked in the Hematology Central Laboratory at the Cantonal Hospital Aarau, then at Siemens as an Application Specialist, followed by 7 years in sales, before I now work as a Laboratory and Automation Specialist.

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Challenges of an automation project

Automating laboratory processes can bring numerous benefits such as improved efficiency, increased throughput, and reduced errors. However, automation projects in a diagnostic laboratory also present various challenges that must be overcome to achieve success. Complexity of laboratory processes: Diagnostic laboratory processes are often complex, and automation of such processes requires detailed knowledge of the laboratory workflow, instrumentation, and sample management. Proper analysis of laboratory processes and workflows is necessary to ensure that automation is properly implemented. Overall, successful automation projects require careful planning, effective change management, technical expertise, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure continued success while adhering to measurable goals.